Happy Holidays!

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

The end of the semester is once again upon us. Whether you are just finishing up your first semester of college or if this is your last, you should be extremely proud of yourself and all that you have done.

I think it is so important to reflect on a semester after it finishes. Looking at how far you have come and the knowledge you have gained is such an amazing thing. You can finally see how the struggle of the last few months has truly been worth it. Look at how much has changed in your life, how many friends you have made and how much you’ve grown as a person in such a short yet significant time period. I really do encourage you to sit down and think about it because it is a huge motivator for the next semester, and really shows that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

Speaking of next semester, if you did happen to fail a course this semester remember to ask your teacher immediately if you are able to take a supplemental, or contact your program coordinator to see how you can make up those credits. Additionally, if you are looking for a credit transfer, PLAR or have any issues with tuition fees or schedules, start looking into those processes now because it will save you a lot of time and stress in January.

Overall though, remember to take a break over these next three weeks. It is important to breath and have some time for yourself. Now is your opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, go out with friends or just lock yourself in a room for days and binge Grey’s Anatomy. Enjoy this time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other winter holidays remember to spend as much time as possible with your family and stay safe. I hope you all have a magical holiday season and a happy new year!

See you all in 2019!

The end is near

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Ahhh, the endless pursuit of assignments in classes are coming to an end! As the term nears its ending, so will the stress. For anyone struggling to study their hearts out for the last week to come, hang in there, it’s almost over. I’d honestly love to tell you all to give yourselves a big pat on the back, after all, you’ve made it this far! I know for myself I’m packing up those final assignments and really pulling it together to finish off well. All the criteria I’ve learned over the semester is being fleshed out, and will overall summarize what I’ve come to learn. As much of what I learned was a refresher, I truly did appreciate taking the time to go back and refine my works, and I’ve grown as both a person and an artist while doing so. Take the time to admit you need improvement is half the battle, and I’d like to think at this point, I’ve won it. Not only have my works never looked so constructed through completion, but I can also see the effort that I placed into it really shine. Those endless nights of tirelessly redoing, redrafting really did help, no doubt about it. For this, I can not only thank Conestoga, but my teachers that helped me pursue my inspiration, and overall accomplishments.

As for a catch up for other news, I’d also like to remind students that the break is near! Huzzah! Keep in mind that after the break bus passes will need to be renewed, so check my first blog/vlog if you’d like a catch up on that situation.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, and the last week to go!

A guide to setting goals for the future

Jasmine Marinelli – 2nd Year Bachelor of Public Relations

At this moment in time I think that it is super important to create goals for yourself. They help you believe in yourself, prioritize, plan for your life, and aim for things you never thought were possible. After I found out what my passion was in life, I decided to set certain goals for myself. I set a short-term goal, a medium-term goal, and a long-term goal to meet, which has planned out my career and future.

Short-Term Goal Setting

A short-term goal is one that you would set for the near future. This could mean something you want to accomplish in the next couple of weeks, or months, even this year. Essentially it is a goal that you can achieve in less than 12 months.

For example, I have created a short-term goal for myself that focuses on building my experience in public relations, expanding my network and obtaining a 3.5 GPA average. These are all goals that I am confident I can achieve in the next couple of months. What the most important thing to focus on is prioritizing what the most vital goal is to you right now, and working on just one at a time.

Medium-Term Goal Setting

A medium-term goal is one that you would set to achieve in a year to five years. This could be a goal that is less specific than your short-term one, but plans for your success in the future. Having a medium-term goal allows you to analyze your steps, and keep your short-term goal up-to-date.

For example, my medium-term goal is to see myself landing an amazing co-op job in the next couple of years, and being re-hired by that specific organization. This goal is one that is a little less structured because there may be some time-based factors I can’t control. However, it still aligns with my long-term goal, and is one that I believe is very achievable.

Long-Term Goal Setting

This type of goal is one that you would consider to be your final goal. It is a goal that centres around your others, and are built upon your short-term and medium-term goals. You will be spending multiple years envisioning what this may look like. Long-term goals should be made to be achieved in 5+ years.

For example, my long-term goal focuses on my career goal for myself in five to ten years. I want to make sure at this time I am in a position I where I am happy, and loving my life. I have a specific goal of wanting to work for a national sports team, and continuing to be successful at this time in my career.

Goals should be made when you recognize your passion in life, and know what you are aiming for in the future. Setting goals give you a vision for yourself, and help you create the “big picture”, and what you want to do with your life. Setting goals, and achieving them is the best feeling in the world. I highly suggest everyone to set their own goals to raise self-confidence, and recognize their own ability to succeed.

Bus Pass Tips and Tricks

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

For one of the last times Conestoga College students will once again line up in front of the Service Hubs at the college campuses to get their bus pass. In September a bus pass will be included in tuition, however until then you will still need to purchase your bus pass separate.

I work in the CSI Service Hub at the Doon campus and I fully understand how long and horrible these lines can get. Not only is it stressful for you to wait in line, but me and my fellow staff are also under a lot of pressure to serve you as quick and efficiently as possible. As someone who is going onto her 6th semester of selling bus passes I thought I would pass on some tips and tricks about avoiding the line and making the process smoother for both you and us.

  1. Have a OneCard

This may seem like an obvious tip, but for someone who is new to the College you may not know that your bus pass becomes part of your OneCard.  So, go get that first because we can’t give you a bus pass without it.

  1. Have your proof of enrollment form and payment out and ready

This form can be found in your student portal under the My Courses tab. It doesn’t have to be printed out but having it up and ready on your phone will save everyone time. If everyone’s phone takes 1 minute to load, you can only imagine how much time it will consume when you have to wait for the 200 students in front of you to pull it up as well.  Ensure that this form says Winter 2019 and that it lists you as a full-time student or we cannot get you that bus pass. Additionally, having your payment ready will also save time from having you search through your backpack for your wallet.

  1. Come Early

I CAN NOT stress this enough. Bus pass sales start on December 3, 2018. This means that you can get your bus pass before the semester even starts. The first day of classes is always the busiest. Prepare yourself to wait over an hour if you come on the first week. If you come before the semester even starts, prepare to wait on average less than 20 minutes. If you are not able to come until the first week of class get there early in the day. The service hub opens at 7:30am, and people will start lining up as early as 7am outside the door.

  1. Be polite to your CSI staff

We are well aware of how long you waited in line, but chances are we have been selling bus passes for longer. We work long and busy shifts the first week of the semester. There is no excuse for being rude or yelling at the CSI staff, it doesn’t make us want to help you any faster. Additionally, don’t try to fool us and cut the line. We see you and we will tell you to go to the back. It’s not fair to everyone else.


Working the Open House

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

I hope everyone has had a lovely week. I know for myself I spent Saturday at Conestoga’s Open house as a volunteer for my class (Design Foundations), and I really had a blast! The halls were dotted with blue tee’s on students as support, and it was truly amazing just to see everyone’s efforts put forth to meet everyone. I really enjoyed giving out tours to those interested, and it was really nice to learn the backstories of the people interested in coming here as a Condor. It was also nice to see some familiar faces throughout the day, embellishing the school halls with all your warm smiles! One family popped by with interest for their much younger daughter, perking an interest at numerous options for her down the road. This itself was intriguing for me, and I enjoyed explaining the course and locations for them. To anyone interested in other events at Conestoga upcoming, make sure to check social media pages or pages online to stay in tune.

As for the rest of my week I directed my time towards school work (which is of course is still in progress), finishing the last touches on assignments. With the last few weeks rolling in, I plan to push through the assignments.

Until next time everyone,

How to Stay Fit on Campus

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Graphic Design

It is important to know what your tuition includes so that you are able to use the resources given to you at their full capacity. One thing that is included in your tuition at Conestoga College, for all full-time students,  is a membership to the Conestoga Recreation Complex.

In 2016 Conestoga completed a $21.6-million-dollar renovation on the Rec Center that includes updated fitness equipment, a triple gymnasium, an indoor track, and more within its 35,000 square feet. It is obviously a great place to work out and it is really convenient for students too since it is right on the Doon campus!

Drop-in fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, and cycling are also available and included in your membership. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join in on the fun!

If intramural sports are more your style, we have those too! Anyone can join in on sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket and more! If you want to get a little more serious you can also try out for one of Conestoga’s many varsity teams.

Finally, if you are a bit more like me and working out in general just isn’t your strong suit, you can always come in and enjoy the Pita Pit or cheer on your fellow Condors from the bleachers. The next home game is for our women’s volleyball team on November 25th at 2pm against the St. Clair Saints, so feel free to go and show your support!

I know this is a lot of information and with so much to do and see here at the Rec Center it may be a little intimidating, however, if you are interested you can sign up for an orientation session. Conestoga Fitness Orientations are completely free and are a great way to learn more about what our complex has to offer. The are available multiple times a day and run by our Fitness and Health Promotion Students. You can sign up by visiting the Rec Centers website!

It is currently Wellness Week on campus so it’s also important to point out the Wellness Center is also located inside the Rec Center. They offer services such as massage therapy, chiropractor’s, and physiotherapy.

There is so much to offer here at the Rec Center and there no excuse not to stay fit with Conestoga’s easily accessible and up to date equipment and fitness spaces. So, grab your workout gear because it’s time to head to the gym!