Why Conestoga and PR Was the Right Choice for Me…

Conestoga College - Jasmine Marinelli
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

My whole entire life I have grown up around media. I would sit at the kitchen table and listen to my Mom read over articles in the newspaper, and curse about certain ad’s not being in the right place. My Mom worked as the circulation sales manager for the Waterloo Region Record for about 13 years. That was not only her life but mine as well. I grew up wanting to do exactly what my mom does, and I grew up wanting to be exactly like her, because she was and still to this day is my idol.

Before I decided to go to Conestoga I wanted to make sure that public relations was the right program for me. I had to consider all options. Marketing was my first choice, then something regarding human resources and then I looked at some public relation courses. I examined and inspected every university program that had to do with something similar to Public Relations, but just decided I wasn’t a university kind of girl. I wanted an education where I would be given hands-on experiences. Where I was able to have more than just a 5-minute conversation with my prof, and where my prof actually knew my name.

University and college are two completely different types of schooling. I was the only one out of my friend group to go to college. I’ve been at Conestoga for almost two months now and I have come to the conclusion that college is very underrated. I knew from the beginning I would get a bit of slack from my friends the minute I accepted my offer to Conestoga. I got a lot of Why didn’t you choose Guelph? Or Why are you going to college? But I was never ashamed of choosing Conestoga over any university I could have gone to.

College gives you so many options it’s unbelievable. Instead of sitting at the back of a lecture room alongside 1000 other students, I’m sitting in a classroom with about 22-25 students. And guess what? I’m going to graduate in 4 years with a degree under my belt, as well as 3 co-op work terms. For half the price I would pay if I were in university. Now, I’m not bashing university at all. I’m simply just stating how amazing Conestoga is and their options for post-secondary schooling are. The minute I heard I would be getting a degree as well as the opportunity to complete co-op I was ecstatic.

At Conestoga we have a great gym, phenomenal support and staff, as well as great programs for anyone and everyone to join. And the opportunities at Conestoga College are endless.

I know it’s around the time for grade 12s to start looking at post-secondary options and I would vouch for Conestoga any day. Not only for my program but for a lot of others too… Conestoga is a great choice. Just a piece of advice to those future students… Do some research, you never know where or what program you’ll choice. It’s a big decision but feel free to visit the Conestoga College website and look up some programs you’d be interested in!

Find out more about the Bachelor of Public Relations program 

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