Why You Should Go to Conestoga College’s Open House…

Dear future students,

Conestoga College - Jasmine Marinelli
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

Last year I was sitting in the same position as you. I wasn’t sure which schools to apply for, what programs would best fit me, and what type of requirements I would need for the programs.

It’s all coming very fast and you may feel overwhelmed, I know I did last year at this time. You’re thinking, I have to choose what I have to do for the rest of my life… right? And that is very scary. But listen, you have plenty of opportunities to figure out what programs you want to apply for, and which schools offer those programs.

If you are interested in Conestoga, or just browsing around still not sure what you’re even interested in, the Open House would be a great start.

One of the main reasons why I chose Conestoga was because of that Open House. I spoke to a variety of recruiters, spoke to teachers that were in the field I was interested in (Public Relations) and got a feel of what the program would be like. There is nothing better than stepping into a room full of people, that are in the same boat as you.

At the open house I was given more of an in-depth explanation of what the program ‘Bachelor of Public Relations’ would be like. The best part was that I got to speak to present teachers, third year students and alumni’s. I asked all of the questions I needed, and got all of them answered. I was given examples of co-op placements, future job positions, and what my salary may be starting as. It was everything I expected and more.

Coming out of the open house, I realized that I wasn’t lost anymore. I knew what I wanted to do and was set on applying for the program… along with a few others at Conestoga.

Conestoga’s Open House is great for anyone and everyone who is looking at starting a post-secondary education. It’s not just a recruitment, it’s an experience to get to know more about the programs you are interested in.  There is no such thing as too much information, especially when it comes to YOUR FUTURE.

There are a variety of things other than just the programs and course requirements that you learn when attending the Open House. I learned that we actually had a residence on campus… which I didn’t know until then. I also learned about the athletic programs, the services Conestoga has to offer their students. As well as the bookstore, Conestoga SWAG, and the rec centre. I found out the great deals you can get with the ONE Card, and the amazing food stops you can visit in the cafeteria.

It was described to be a much more advanced high-school, with a slight bit of changes. This got me excited for what the future holds, and what amazing opportunities you can have at Conestoga. After the open house I couldn’t wait to finish off high-school, graduate and start a new beginning at Conestoga College.

As a future student, anywhere, I encourage you to attend the Conestoga College Open House  on Saturday, January 20th. This open house helped me choose and narrow down my options for post-secondary, leading me to decide that Conestoga College is the college for me. Take this opportunity to learn how to make your future a great one.

See you there! 😊


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