3 steps to help polish your resumé

Conestoga College - Jasmine Marinelli
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

Your resumé is what defines you to an employer. The way you look on paper is something that college students, and high school students, should really pay attention to. Especially if they’re looking to start a new job. Most of you probably have a resumé already, as well as a job. However, it is coming close to summer and you might be looking for a new job, meaning you’ll have to pull out that resumé again. This article includes 3 steps that will help you launch a better resumé, if you’re looking to polish yours up.

Step #1: Customize your resumé to make it relevant to the job you’re applying for.

I remember in high school when I made my first resumé in career class. I didn’t want to change it, and just applied to as many jobs as I could with the same resumé. Now, as I start looking for internships and full-time jobs I can’t really do that anymore. Instead of it taking three minutes to apply, it takes me almost an hour. Why? Because I customize my resumé.

Customizing your resumé gives you a better shot at getting an interview. That is why you should alter your resumé to fit the criteria of the job. Try highlighting your experience and volunteer work that might be relevant to the job. As well, base your resumé on what the job specifically calls for. You can always add to your resumé, but try to make sure it is not too long. I’ve learned in college, and throughout high-school that a good resumé should be one page. Meaning, if you have to cut some unnecessary things out… do it.

Step #2: Research the company.

Recently I have been applying for a lot of jobs. However, some of the ones I have been really interested in I knew nothing about. What I did was look up the company on google. I looked at their goals, opportunities, background information and if they were in the news recently. These factors determined whether or not my resumé needed to be altered a little.

You’ll come across a lot of situations like this when you’re looking for a new job. The best thing to do is conduct a solid research on the company. You can find a lot of things out about their industry that can help you easily apply and become a better candidate for the specified position. During your research you may find values, goals, their mission statement and information on their company. As you look into the most useful and needed skills that are in the job description, you can use your research to highlight the ones you have on your resumé that are similar.

Step #3: Include as much volunteer work, projects and experience as you can.

This is crucial when applying for a job. Employers like to see that a candidate has a lot of experience, and it can often set the bar high if you have not only experience but volunteer work and projects as well. At the bottom of my resumé I state my references, that are available upon request as well as sample projects are available upon request. Just to state I have sample blogs, tweets and social media posts that employers might be intrigued about.

It is always good to have too much, rather than too little. Providing any information about large projects, you have done at your previous jobs, during school or even on your own will give you more to speak about during your interview. Same goes for volunteer work. It shows that you are highly qualified for the job, and already have previous experience. Make sure to focus on the specifics, and what you have accomplished for more impact.

By: Jasmine Marinelli

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