Kaylie’s 1st Day at College – Getting a Bus Pass

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Fundamentals

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t seen my first video posted earlier this week, I’d love to take a moment to introduce myself and shed off a bit of my first intake of my first day at Conestoga College.

My name is Kaylie, and I’ll be attending Conestoga as a first year for Design Foundations. Some fun facts about me are that I’m actually an identical twin, and I have a Black belt in Taekwondo! I absolutely adore activities like anime, gaming, drawing and cooking. I spent most of my summer working and watching youtubers, so I’m in dire need of socializing! I can be pretty obnoxious a lot of the time, so feel free to say Hi to me in the hallways if you see me and ask questions — I’m here to learn too, this is an experience for all of us. I graduated from high school with an Arts and Tech major, and I regret not keeping any of my works for portfolio references. This however brings me to the reason I find myself at Conestoga– Design Foundations is a one year program that gives me the ability to build a portfolio, and strengthen my skills as an artist. Previously I took a year at Wilfrid Laurier University studying Honors Arts Sociology, but alas my passion weared thin. I really admire the idea of connection and human behaviour, and that’s something I strive to put forth in my art and writing for the years to come.

Speaking of connection– I can’t thank you all enough for making my first day so memorable. I myself arrived at Conestoga rather early today so I could attain my bus pass, and I’d like to give some advice to anyone that hasn’t received theirs yet.

  1. Bus Pass Location: NOT IN THE ONE CARD AREA!!! I made a rather elusive mistake and went there first. NO. Save yourself the disappointment, the One Card area focuses primarily on adding funds to your One Card, or receiving it. Look for the Service Hub nearby the CSI office. You’ll find it wedged between wing A and wing B.
  2. Give yourself time: The first week of school is going to be pretty hectic for everyone, so keep in mind you not only have to make time for yourself, but keep in mind they’ll be others doing the same. I came into Conestoga around 1pm, and I was met with a 2-3 hour wait time. I was a nervous wreck since I had my first and only class of the day at 3pm. Miraculously I managed to get it… If you’re going to get a bus pass, be prepared to come in early. Mornings will be slower as most people have classes, so if you have evening classes, come in early before classes. Take advantage of your free time in the morning. If you have morning classes, don’t wait until 12-4pm after class to get the pass, most people are very much awake and active then, and you’ll be sure to have a wait time.
  3. Come prepared: Be prepared to show your Verification of Enrollment (VOE) and your One Card. You must have your One Card, as your One Card receives a sticker to show the recognition. I overheard many students bringing their schedules as verification, but what you really need is your VOE, which you can find online on your Student Portal > My Courses > View Enrollment Form. Be prepared to show it via online (phone) or a paper copy. After verifying you have your One Card and VOE you’ll be sent left or right depending on payment method. The process after that is both simple and quick.
  4. Be respectful: Please refrain from taunting or butting other students waiting patiently in line. As lame as it may seem, it takes a lot of energy to stand and be patient. A Lot of students like myself can get anxiety from this, and it really is only fair to wait your turn. Many students took the time to stop and make conversation with their friends or introduce themselves to new people, and that’s great. I was really amazed at how welcoming some of the students were, and I myself beamed a bit when I could direct and help a few others. There’s nothing better than helping other people, so for everyone’s sake, let’s all try to!

I truly do hope this information is helpful, although I can’t guarantee the process will be any quicker. Nevertheless, enjoy yourselves! Try to make the most of it and do what I did- I got to know the people around me, and it surely does pass the time.

As for the rest of my day I spent the majority of it in class doing some icebreaker activities, and learning about my new classmates and upcoming assignments. Like any new student, I took the time to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming projects, and I hope to post some of the progress as I develop sketches and ideas for it! I’m extremely excited to develop my art skills further, and I hope you’re all just as excited to develop or experience anything new in your programs.

Here’s to the first day of classes, and many more to come,

Kaylie Kraemer

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