A Magical Opportunity

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

Last summer was the best summer of my life. I spent it in Florida working in Walt Disney World, and it was to say the least, magical. I got to watch the fireworks almost every night, meet some amazing friends and literally sprinkle pixie dust around the castle. It was absolutely incredible.

People ask me all the time how I managed to get such a unique summer job, and applications for next summer just dropped today, so I thought I would tell you, as well as give you some tips on applying!

The Disney Cultural Exchange Program is an opportunity for students who are in a college or university program to move down for Florida for 3 months during the summer where they are able to work in a variety of roles in the Theme Parks (princesses unfortunately not included). I personally worked in merchandise where I got the opportunity to work in all 4 theme parks, in over 20 different stores. I have friends that got to work ride attractions, be lifeguards, character attendants and more which is super cool!!

A lot of people ask me why I moved all the way down to Florida just to work retail for a summer and the answer is simple. It’s the guests. There is something about the guests in Walt Disney World that just make your day better. Yes, there are difficult ones too, but the ones that stand out in my memory are the little girls telling me the story of how they just met their favourite princess or watching people smile as I tell them to have a magical day. I even got to see a military homecoming. It was amazing. On top of that you get free admission to the theme parks, discounts on a variety of food and merchandise and the word Disney looks really great on a resume!

Disney also provides you with bus transportation to work and a dorm style apartment where rent comes right out of your weekly paycheck. I lived in a 3 bedroom with 6 girls which was actually way more spacious than it sounds.

Applications for this amazing summer opportunity will be open now through October so make sure you get your cover letter and resume ready! It is a highly competitive program so be sure to focus on relevant work experience in your application and talk about the amazing opportunity that a cultural exchange program brings, not just your love for Disney!

This program truly is a unique, and amazing, once in a lifetime experience. If you want to find more information check out the Disney International Programs website, and if you get accepted be sure to say hi to Mickey for me!

By: Brooke Rogers

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