Cool Conestoga Alumni

Brooke – 3rd Year student

I have always been someone who is a goal setter. Someone who has a lot of self-motivation and drive. This being said, I have always found the middle of the semester to be the hardest. You are in the midst of projects and tests. The end is in sight but isn’t quite close enough to get excited yet, and it is very difficult to stay motivated and keep that desire to finish the semester strong.

One thing I always do when I need a boost of motivation is to look at other people’s success stories. I know that if they can do it, I can do it too, and one thing Conestoga does not lack is inspirational success stories!

Someone that I just learned about recently is James Hobson. He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Engineering Program from 2012. James has gone on to showcase his skills on his YouTube channel “The Hacksmith” where he turns Fictional ideas from movies, video games, and more into real working prototypes! He currently has over 5 million subscribers and is an amazing example of how your degree can provide you with a career that you love, even in the most unexpected ways. You can check out his creations here:

On to another amazing graduate. You’d probably recognize Rachel Schoustsen from The Weather Network! This amazing woman followed her dream after graduating from the Videography program in 2012. Rachel does an amazing job at increasing viewer engagement at the station through her live forecasts and captivating stories. She was actually one of the first video journalists ever hired on The Weather Network and she does a lot of the work herself. In an article on Rachel’s blog,, she states that a lot of her knowledge came from Conestoga and, “It can be a very tough job. Setting up your shots, carrying around all the gear, interviewing people with no one to assist with camera work – it is a lot to think about!”. If you want to learn more about Rachel’s career and what she’s doing now you can check out her blog here:

Last but not least, this Conestoga graduate is a pretty well-known name around my household. Growing up in a very hockey-centric family I can’t help but mention Mike Farwell who graduated in 1996 from the Broadcasting-Radio and Television Program. Mike has his own show on 570 News, fittingly titled The Mike Farwell Show, and he is also the play-by-play voice for the Kitchener Rangers. In addition to this, he has his own fundraising campaign called “Farwell 4 Hire”, where people around the Waterloo Region hire him for odd jobs and instead of paying him, they make a donation which is in support of cystic fibrosis. On top of his already busy schedule Mike also graciously volunteers his time on Conestoga’s Broadcasting-Radio & Television program Advisory Committee. The Mike Farwell Show airs every Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm on 570 News and you can support his fundraising campaign on Facebook:

These stories are only touching the surface of the amazing people who graduated from Conestoga College. Whenever you need a burst of motivation, I highly recommend checking out the Alumni page on the Conestoga website and learn about some amazing people in your field of study!

There are only a few weeks left of the semester, only a few more assignments and only a few more tests. You can do it Condors, and I know you all have the ability to become a Conestoga success!

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