Reading week, anxiety and stress

Today’s blog is going to be a little more serious, as it was something I experienced earlier this week, and find extremely important to talk about. I’d like to take the time to talk about counselling services offered on campus, and a little bit about anxiety.

I know everyone’s starting to crack down on school work grades, etcetera, but the toll can pile up. I witnessed a friend of mine go through a severe panic attack on campus (completely unrelated to school stress), and I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to people.The experience itself was traumatic on its own just to watch, and the consequences of keeping all the stress and emotions finally piled up inside her and let loose. Without hesitation my friends and I immediately ran over to be of help, and later contacted multiple school services to help calm her down. I have no experience myself on dealing with panic attacks… In the past I’ve dealt with my own anxiety attacks rather poorly, but never contacted people for help.

That on its own was my first mistake. She is doing much better now, but at the same time I still can’t shake off how much that experience has affected me. In the past I had no idea how much my anxiety affected other people, purely because I wasn’t the one watching. This experience has helped me realize how hard it is for both parties– one to experience, and one to watch, and how important it is to talk to people. Communication is key for everything, and as I stated in my vlog, it’s something I regret not taking advantage of. Conestoga College offers multiple services to help everyone, no matter how big or small the problem. I’ve found through friends venting is a small way to relieve myself of stress, and that’s something I didn’t really have prior. I myself am terrified of talking to strangers, but the feeling of expressing my emotions is a far better reward than bundling everything inside of me. Take advantage of these resources guys, these people are here to help you.

On a far less serious note, I’d like to add that my reading week is currently a blast. I’ve spent the first little bit going out with friends, and experiencing new things. My homework starts today though, so it’s time for me to buckle down. Until next time everyone.

A Reflection on the Semester So Far.

Brooke Rogers 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

It is hard to believe it is already Student Success Week. October is almost over and it is halfway through the semester. Time flies, and so much can happen in what seems like so little time. I thought I would take a bit of time today and reflect on the things I’ve accomplished over the first half of the semester.

I came into this year not really knowing what to expect. My program was transitioning to be more business than arts centered and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it. Turns out I love it, and I’m really happy in the direction my studies are heading. Courses like Marketing are things I didn’t think I would really take much of an interest in, but I actually find them really intriguing.

Since the beginning of the semester I have accomplished a ton of things. Most noticeably I’ve completed my portfolio, resume, and cover letter to a point where I’m ready to start sending it to co-op employers which is CRAZY! I’ve also written countless assignments, case studies, done a few tests, and even have started to gain knowledge in computer coding. I would have considered all of this impossible at the beginning of the semester but here I am.

Personally, I’ve started a new workout routine that’s actually sticking and I’ve started some new healthy eating habits. I’ve attended a couple of Conestoga events and made a few friends that I didn’t have at the beginning of the year. I even have plans to join a club which is currently in the works of being approved. I have never really been into extracurriculars so I am pretty excited!

It’s amazing how much can really happen in only half a semester. Looking back on the stress and late nights i’ve had, the amazing things that I have accomplished have made it all worth it. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store!

Getting the most out of Reading Week

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

Honestly this week went by really quickly for me with all the upcoming assignments and deadlines, so I haven’t had much free time… Again, stressful, but I’m really pushing my school work for portfolios. But enough about me, let’s move onto you guys!

Reading week is just around the corner, and I hope you guys are ready for that blissful short getaway from classes. Don’t be fooled by this opportunity though, there is more than enough time to spend on studying and getting ahead, besides voyaging off elsewhere. As much as relaxation is important, here’s a few good tips on spending your reading week:

  1. Take the opportunity to get ahead. Whether its working on assignments, reading, whatever it is, take the time to look into your work. Take breaks from this and relaxing, maybe every other day if need be. Just remember to NOT forget it!
  2. Relax! In my other point I know I stress the purpose of reading week, but also don’t be afraid to relax! I know it sounds contradicting, but this is likely the most free time you’ll have for a while… Use it wisely.
  3. Spend time with friends and family. Again, we just had Thanksgiving, so I’m sure everyone is still all warm and fuzzy from reuniting with family and friends. Overall enjoy this time together, and maybe even work together on assignments and studying if you share the same courses. Group studying is just as important as individual studying, just don’t get distracted.
  4. HAVE FUN!!!

This blog post will be shorter than most as  even now I have limited time, but I wish everyone a fantastic reading week for when it comes, and hope all is going well for everyone! I know I myself am excited for mock portfolios in my course, and will be using my reading week to both relax and work. 

Student Discounts

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

I’m not going to lie, one of my favourite things about college is the student discounts. I have been able to save so much money just by showing off my ONECard it is CRAZY! So I thought I would share some of my favourite discounts with you today.


Amazon: Get 50% off Amazon Prime

Adobe: Save over 60% off Creative Cloud

Henry’s: Save 15% off certain filters, tripods, bags, lighting equipment, and more

Rogers/Telus/Bell: Save every month on special student plans


Air Canada: Get a prepaid package of 4 or 6 one-way flights starting at $134

GO Transit: Save at least 17% when setting your PRESTO card up for Student Fares

Via Rail: Get an unlimited student semester pass starting at just $499


Bulk Barn: Students get 10% off on Wednesdays

Dairy Queen: Students get 10% off their purchase

Zehrs: Students get 10% off every Wednesday so plan your shopping accordingly because this will save you a ton!


Apple Music/Spotify: Get a special half price rate of $4.99 per month, and if you sign up right now with Spotify you get the first 3 months for only 99 cents!

Art Gallery of Ontario: Students can get unlimited admission for $45, one time admission for $11 and from 6-9pm on Wednesdays it is 100% free if you show a valid student card.

Ripley’s Aquarium: Student pricing is only $24.20 and this is a great place to go during reading week!

SPC Card: Purchase an SPC card and get unlimited savings from various retailers all year long. I have one of these and it pays for itself.

These of course are only a small sampling of discounts that are available to you, and they don’t end here. Even after you graduate Conestoga you have the opportunity to receive discounts on attractions, hotels, insurance and more through Conestoga Alumni Services!