Kaylie’s 2nd week & assignments

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hi everyone, I’ve returned with a stupendous breakdown of my second week, and I hope you’re all ears. This week has really been a mashup of assignments, deadlines, time management, and of course, all of you.

For the most part I’ve adjusted to the fast paced nature in my program, which has left me bustling around completing works, rough drafts, and coordinating with classmates. It’s quite a frenzy, but I must say I really do enjoy the rush. It keeps me on my toes, entertained. I’ve found time to work on drafts at work (when the weather’s not stubborn), and really work these assignments into manageable time slots within my day(s). I’m already extremely proud of my linears (what came after the ever-dreaded thumbnails), and I can see just from the few short lessons from week one I’ve improved both my work ethic, and technique.

I’ve spent a few late nights scrambling to ink some works, so all I can say is bring it on, I’m ready for the all-nighters.

I’d also like to mention that many people are extremely alarmed to see myself (and others) dragging a suitcase around in the halls. There’s simply just too much supplies to carry. Apologies on my awkward entrance, I promise that grace is not a strong suit with bulk. As much as I love bumper cars, I assure you it’s not in my best interest to bump into you all.

I’d also really like to push about the many rooms available to book for work/study periods (a link and photo posted earlier last week) on campus. My friends and I have a great amount of use with the large tables and space for our projects, as I’m sure you all will too!

Again, as quick as this week has gone by, I can’t stress enough how much I’ve learned and experienced in such a short timespan. Even the refreshers are something I find captivating in class! I’ve found quite a few nooks and crannies that I’ll be sure to post about in a future post, as some of these spots may come in handy for you all later.

Thanks again everyone, and again, Kaylie out.

Top 4 College Q&A’s for First Year Students

Jasmine Marinelli – 2nd Year Bachelor of Public Relations

Your first month of college can definitely be a tricky one. You’re still getting lost, trying to make friends, starting to get stressed, and figuring out how to adjust to this new lifestyle. Trust me, I know it’s hard, and I’ve been down this road before too.

I wanted to ask so many questions during my first month, but was too afraid, and didn’t know who to talk to. Now that I have experienced one year of college, I am able to answer my own questions; some that you might be wondering as well…

  1. Can you have a job during the school year?

Yes. However, it is very important to make sure you are focused, managing your time well, and not starting to get stressed. I definitely think that working more than 20 hours a week is far too much for someone who is a full-time student. I tried to do it, and quickly realized that was not a good decision. If you’re looking to work during the school year I suggest only working a few times a week, 15-20 hours at most. Try and make sure that you do not burn yourself out working too many hours, or too many jobs. Your mental state is very important for success during school.

  1. Are college courses harder than high school courses?

Yes and No. College courses are not necessarily harder, if anything they are easier. They’re more interesting, and are taught by professors that have been in the industry for years. In high school you might have had to take a course that you weren’t interested in, or mandatory courses you thought would not be useful in the future. College is completely different, as you are enrolled in courses that focus on whatever profession you are looking to get into. They will be easier because you know that they’re connected to things you like (i.e. the program you chose).

  1. Are textbooks worth the buy?

Yes. There are many textbooks that I bought for my classes that I have used on a daily basis. Some are expensive, others are inexpensive, but overall, they are worth it. Last year I purchased books that will be useful for some of my classes this year. Professors you have will want you to complete readings from your required textbook, which makes it important for you to have the textbook so you can get full marks. If you are really concerned and want to know if you should purchase textbooks, ask your teacher. Most of my teachers have actually told me whether or not the “required” textbook will be useful for the class. Ask! Ask! Ask!

  1. How can you get involved at school?

There are plenty of ways you can get involved at your school. You can join a club that you are interested in, join a team or committee, and attend events. Many college clubs are looking for new students to add a fresh voice to their group. If you are interested in sports or play one competitively, try out for a sports team or join intramurals. College also offers a variety of different committees you can sign up for that might meet once or twice a month. It’s really important to get involved, and have fun during school.

By: Jasmine Marinelli

The Key to Campus: Your Conestoga ONECard

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

The Conestoga ONECard is your key to the campus. With it you can unlock a sea of services here at the college, and it makes your life here at Conestoga a lot easier!

Not only does having one card make your wallet a lot lighter, it also makes it easier for you to keep organized since you really don’t need anything else on campus.

Right at the start of your day, if you have purchased a bus pass, you can use your ONECard to get on the GRT busses. One cool new feature this year is that your ONECard now has a tap function on these busses so you don’t have to worry about your sticker falling off or fading!

Once you get to the college, you can hit up the gym before class by just tapping your card on the gate! You could also go print off some notes by tapping it on one of the many printers around campus. At the start of the semester your ONECard is automatically loaded with $50 worth of print credits, so print as much as you need.

If you get hungry and decide you want a bite to eat, you can use any Condor Cash that you’ve uploaded to your ONECard to pay for your meal! Condor Cash is great if you want to limit how much you are spending on food because you can control how much money is on the card. Condor Cash can also be used at a variety of places on campus to purchase many different things!

Now it’s time for math class and OH NO! You forgot your calculator! No worries! You can bring your ONECard to the Service Hub and rent one out for a couple hours. Additionally, in class your ONECard is the ticket into your test or exam so make sure you have it with you!

After your school day is done, it’s time to kick back, relax and have some fun! There are some great events on campus that can help you do just that! Event tickets are now purchased on the CSI app and done electronically, however you will need that ONECard as ID when you are entering the event. Be sure to check out the CSI app to see all the special events happening on campus!

This of course is only a sampling of all the things your ONECard can do for you! New services are being added to it all time and I can’t wait to see what they add on next!

Top 5 places to eat at the Kitchener (Doon) Campus (according to Brooke)

Brooke 3rd Year Bachelor of Design – Conestoga College

Hi everyone! My name is Brooke, I am currently a 3rd year student in the Bachelor of Design program at Conestoga, and I am very excited to be writing my first article as a Social Media Ambassador!

In the past couple years I’ve spent at Conestoga I’ve been to a lot of places on campus and tried a lot of new things. This includes tons of the amazing food options we have here on campus and I thought I would let you guys know about some of the best

1. Pita Pit

Pita Pit has some amazing food and is located on the second floor of the Rec Center. This is a great healthy option for students who are looking for somewhere to eat between classes, and the prices aren’t too crazy either. My personal favourite is the Chicken Cesar. It’s delicious and a perfect alternative to just having a plain old salad. The lines can sometimes get long though so try to go when they open at 10am or later in the day!

2. Condor Cafe

The Condor Cafe is the main cafeteria here on campus, and is often referred to as “The Caf”. This location is full of many different delicious food options that serve not only lunch but breakfast as well! Some of the amazing options included, Smoke’s Poutinerie, Grill & Co., serve yourself Starbucks Coffee, and my personal favourite, the Create Station where you can create your own pasta and stir fry! Pro tip: ask for a mixture of alfredo and marinara sauce, it tastes amaziiinnnngggggg! There is a cafeteria similar to this on every campus so if you’re not at Doon make sure you find your cafeteria and check it out!!

3. Tim Hortons

I could not make this list without including the Canadian classic. Obviously, Tim’s has your coffee but the food they sell there is also delicious. I love the Turkey Bacon Club, and if you are on a budget remember bagels are around $2 and will fill you up without breaking the bank. But, if you are going to Tim’s, remember to check the Conestoga Tim’s Cam to check how long the line is. You can also conveniently mobile order so it’s ready when you get there!

4. CozE Corner

CozE Corner is the second major cafeteria on campus and is often referred to as “the other caf” or “the Subway one” because not only does it have a Subway but it also has a Pizza Pizza. This cafeteria is smaller but the food options are amazing. The pizza is always hot and the subs are always fresh. The also sell pizza in the Condor Cafe but I prefer to get it here because it’s right out of the oven. Subway is also another great option if you are looking to stay healthy!

5. The Venue

The Venue is a newer location on campus and is our full service restaurant! The first year I was a student here this was actually another cafeteria, however last year it officially transitioned into a restaurant and bar. The food here is amazing and they just rolled out a bunch of new menu items that I can’t wait to try! The prices are always super affordable, and they even have live bands come in and play on Thursdays! This is a great place to hang out with friends whether you want to grab a meal or just sit down for a bit and get a drink.

These are just a few of the great food options we have here at the Doon campus, but they’re some of my favourites. I hope next time you forget your lunch or want to try something new you go and check them out!