How to Stay Fit on Campus

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Graphic Design

It is important to know what your tuition includes so that you are able to use the resources given to you at their full capacity. One thing that is included in your tuition at Conestoga College, for all full-time students,  is a membership to the Conestoga Recreation Complex.

In 2016 Conestoga completed a $21.6-million-dollar renovation on the Rec Center that includes updated fitness equipment, a triple gymnasium, an indoor track, and more within its 35,000 square feet. It is obviously a great place to work out and it is really convenient for students too since it is right on the Doon campus!

Drop-in fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, and cycling are also available and included in your membership. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join in on the fun!

If intramural sports are more your style, we have those too! Anyone can join in on sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket and more! If you want to get a little more serious you can also try out for one of Conestoga’s many varsity teams.

Finally, if you are a bit more like me and working out in general just isn’t your strong suit, you can always come in and enjoy the Pita Pit or cheer on your fellow Condors from the bleachers. The next home game is for our women’s volleyball team on November 25th at 2pm against the St. Clair Saints, so feel free to go and show your support!

I know this is a lot of information and with so much to do and see here at the Rec Center it may be a little intimidating, however, if you are interested you can sign up for an orientation session. Conestoga Fitness Orientations are completely free and are a great way to learn more about what our complex has to offer. The are available multiple times a day and run by our Fitness and Health Promotion Students. You can sign up by visiting the Rec Centers website!

It is currently Wellness Week on campus so it’s also important to point out the Wellness Center is also located inside the Rec Center. They offer services such as massage therapy, chiropractor’s, and physiotherapy.

There is so much to offer here at the Rec Center and there no excuse not to stay fit with Conestoga’s easily accessible and up to date equipment and fitness spaces. So, grab your workout gear because it’s time to head to the gym!

Now or Never

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my mind a lot recently; and that is goal setting. This may seem like somewhat of an odd time to talk about this. It’s the middle of the semester in November. It’s a little soon to make New Year’s resolutions and at this point making goals about grades and school work may seem a bit frivolous, but the truth is tomorrow never comes. There is no wrong time to start thinking about goals and trying to achieve them.

When most people think of goals they think of long term accomplishments but these accomplishments would never come to be if we did not also set short term goals. Maybe long term you want to graduate? Well then short term consider passing a class? or even finishing that assignment that is due next week? A short term goal may even be something as simple as doing the dishes or getting an oil change on your car.

I like to always start my goal setting with a brainstorm. What are things I have on my current to-do list? Where do I want to be next month at this time? 6 months from now? A year? 10 years? These are all important questions, and you don’t need an answer to all of them, but it is important to think of not only obligations but also things that excite you about the future.

From this brainstorm list I then write all my goals on sticky notes and organize them in my bullet journal based on categories that seem to stand out, in this case mine were, academic, financial, career, and personal.

Something that I really struggled with while doing this is figuring out what my goals were versus what is expected of me and what other people are pressuring me to do. In the end it is vital to remember that this is your life to live. Long term happiness in your life holds the utmost importance. Be true to yourself because in the end you are the person that will need to live with your life choices.

Once you have this brainstorm down, take a moment with each goal and focus on a realistic time frame or when the due date is, and write the actual steps to accomplishing it. Make them small steps. Big things look a lot less daunting when you break them up into smaller pieces. Think about the goals in order of importance and from here you can plan your month and upcoming week based on baby steps to accomplishing those goals.

With your weekly or daily list it is important not to overload yourself. Try to plan no more than 3 major tasks every day. This way your to-do list won’t look daunting and you actually have a really good chance at accomplishing everything on it.

After time it is also important to reflect on your goals. Did you achieve them? Have they changed? Life happens and as things in your life change, your goals are bound to as well.

I highly encourage you to take sometimes out of your day and follow these steps and plan some goals. Find something to inspire you, to drive you, to motivate you. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. So get out there and start planning!