The End

Wow, the semester is finally coming to a close. It has been quite a year. So much has happened in these last 8 months at College I don’t even know where to begin! I started this year not knowing what to expect, not knowing what the future was going to hold for me and having no idea where my life was going.

In September I had just returned from living in the USA. It was nice to get back into a routine, see my old friends again and let loose a little bit before school got too difficult. I also used that month to redesign my entire portfolio from scratch! I redid my resume and made a template for a cover letter which has really helped me out a lot. Through Conestoga, I was also able to work at the Welcome Back Concert which was a ton of fun!

Moving into October and November I was deep in school work, I got a lot done Student Success Week and was able to see a lot of friends. Later in November I also took a very spontaneous 4-day long weekend trip to Mexico. It was much needed, and gave me the perfect refresh before exams and the semester end!

Moving into December my exams went pretty smoothly, I felt I knew the content well and it showed. A lot of my friends also came home from their various college’s. The holidays were a little bit of a tough time for me as it was the first year without my grandma, but my family did what we could to enjoy them. I also took a lot of time during the break planning out my goals for this year. Many of which I am happy to say I have accomplished!

The new semester brought a whole new level of challenges. Courses such as Law and Finance were a bit of a struggle for me; a design student. However, I have been trying my hardest to do the best I can. January seemed like the month that never ended though. It seems school went full force as soon as week one hit. I had a ton of projects on short schedules. This month I also had a very important job interview and everyone in my class was starting to seek out co-op jobs. I was also able to work the Alessia Cara Welcome Back Winter Concert, which was once again a forgettable experience.

As fellow classmates began securing summer positions while I was left to wait until the end of February to learn that I would once again be moving back to Florida this summer! Besides this, February also threw some new friends my way and I could see the end of the year fast approaching. This was also when I injured my wrist and had to start my physio appointments, and I am happy to say I am now fully healed!

March was also project heavy. I booked trips for after the school year including a trip to Edmonton, Nashville, and Daytona Beach! I had some semester-long group projects that came to a close this month, which I was very happy about. With that, I also failed some tests that I should have studied harder on.

Moving into April a few of my classes have basically already finished, in fact, I am about to go write a final exam within an hour of me ending this post. I’ve started to really perfect my study habits and am happy to say I should be receiving my first 4.0 in a course this semester, possibly multiple of them! I have also finished all my shifts in the Food Bank and only have a few remaining in the Service Hub. My time with Think Conestoga this year is coming to a close as well. As work and classes end though I could not have more excitement as it leaves me a bit of extra time to spend with our new corgi poo puppy; Charlie.

Looking into the summer and the next few months, I fly out to Edmonton right after Easter, and leave for Orlando in just 3 weeks. After I come home in August, I will be so happy to re-bond with our puppy and take him on some crazy late summer adventures. I will also be starting co-op for the fall and be using all those skills I have learned over the last few years.

Overall, I am so amazed by how much has happened and changed over these 8 months and I cannot wait to see what the future brings!

April Events at Conestoga

Each and every month Conestoga College host some amazing, unforgettable opportunities and events! Even with the school year beginning to wind down April is no exception! There is so much stuff happening at the college this coming month, that I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you all about it!

First of all, the Board of Directors elections are this coming week! The ballot will be emailed to your Conestoga account. It is super important not only to vote but also to talk to and research the candidates. The elected members really do have a large input on things that happen around the school! You can head over to the CSI website now to learn about the candidates and their platforms!

On April 3rd, CSI will be hosting an on-campus job fair. As someone who works multiple jobs on campus, I get so many questions as to how you get a job on campus, and let me tell you here is your opportunity! If you are a returning student in September make sure you check out this event because it is a really great place to find amazing employment for the school year! I have held a total of 5 different positions during my time at the College and I have loved every single one of them! I know there are a lot of positions that need to be filled so make sure you bring a resume and get out there!

Next, on April 5th, Bollywood Pub Night is happening once again at The Venue! This is one of the bigger events that Conestoga hosts and it ALWAYS sells out fast! It is only $5 a ticket and you can also bring a friend! This event is going to be a wonderful music filled party to end off your semester!

Last but not least, From April 8th – April 17th Exam Relief is happening on all of the Conestoga campuses! You can check out this event for free pizza and snacks as well as win some cool prizes on the spot! This event is well loved by many students and is sure to be a hit again this year! What a better way to take a study break than eating pizza and winning some free stuff!

This is only touching on a few of the awesome things happening at the college this month! It is obviously important to spend time studying for your exams but it never hurts to take a break and make some final memories before the year comes to a close!

Spring at Conestoga!

Brooke – 3rd Year Student

Living in Canada, the winters can be long and cold. This winter has been no exception. Last week we finally started getting some daily highs that weren’t in the negatives and it got me thinking about all the amazing things that I am excited for this spring! I thought I would share some of them with you all today and hopefully help beat the remainder of your winter blues!

The main thing that got me thinking about this happened just last Friday. I was picking up a sheet of paper from the Welcome Center at Conestoga College. On my short walk back to the school, I travelled through the small forest area and noticed a few Canada Geese! Their presence had me feeling a lot of joy, which is not usually the case! It was this moment I realized how mentally exhausted with winter I really was and how excited I am to watch the snow melt and all the flowers start popping up! I can’t wait for the birds and squirrels to appear and a sense of warmth return to the air!

In relation to this, studying outside is something I LOVE to do! There are a lot of picnic tables around campus, and I much prefer these to the indoor study spaces. I don’t know if it’s the warmth, the change of scenery, or just the increased amounts of vitamin D, but I always find I am more productive outside in the nicer weather!

Another thing I am super excited about is the overall atmosphere of the school. This is something very intangible and hard to describe, but there is just something about the radiation of positivity as people finish their exams that is exhilarating. The energy that radiates off people is contagious. I find everyone is smiling a lot more and it creates a sort of aesthetic that is impossible to replicate any other time of the year.

The days are also getting longer. It is no secret I spend a lot of time at school. Between working and going to class my days can sometimes stretch upwards of 10 hours. In the winter, this can be very depressing because I will not see the light of day! In the spring, however, not only am I driving home to dinner in the sunlight but as April approaches I will even start seeing some daylight as I wake up in the morning!

Finally, I am so excited for Tim Hortons Ice Capps and Frozen Lemonade! Yes, I am aware these drinks are sold year-round. However, I personally only like to enjoy them in the spring and summer time. I had my first Ice Capp of the year last week and wow have I missed them!

WayBack – Playback!

Brooke – 3rd Year Student

Are you ready Condors?! It is time to break out your scrunchies, mood rings and shoulder pads because on April 5 it is time for the WayBack – Playback, 80’s and 90’s Dance!

One thing that I have noticed since becoming a college student is that it isn’t the nights you sit in studying that you remember, but the nights that you go out and have the time of your life. Even with exams approaching it is important not to burn out, and sometimes you just need to relieve some stress, go out, and have some fun! Conestoga hosts so many events both on and off campus that allow you to do just that. The WayBack – Playback is one of them!

This Conestoga College event is being fully organized and held by a few students in the Bachelor of Public Relations Program and is going to be an unforgettable night! You can experience not only some throwback tunes, but also food, a costume contest, a silent auction, a photo booth and much more! There is also a cash bar available to anyone interested!

Not only is this night going to be an unforgettable one for all who attend but it is also a great example of how students are able to take everything they have learned at Conestoga and implement that knowledge into real-world experiences!

A ticket is $15 and all the proceeds for this event go straight to an amazing cause; The Child Witness Center. Though this event is being held by Conestoga students anyone, from any school is welcome to attend as long as they are over the age of 19! So, grab your friends because this is going to be a memorable night!

I have personally watched these students work endlessly putting this event together, I really do hope you come out and give them your support! More details can be found on the events Facebook Page and you can purchase tickets on Eventbrite:

I can’t wait to see you there!

The Summer Job Search

Brooke – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

As the end of the school year approaches, many students look into getting a full-time job over the summer. This can sometimes be difficult because there are so many students trying to seek the same position as you. However, if you start your search early and utilize the tools at your disposal, I’m sure you will have no issues getting a job this summer!

Personally, for the last 4 years I have been working part-time jobs at the colleges I have been attending. As a result, these are jobs that only exist September to April, so the summer job search has been something I have become a bit of a pro at. Today I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks on finding a summer job!

My first tip is to get your resume and cover letter template in order. This means updating it, maybe restyling it, and of course, checking for spelling errors. The Career Hub at Conestoga is a great free resource to help you out with this. They can help you build your resume, explore available career paths and even connect you with potential employers! This is especially great if you are looking for a summer job closely related to your field of study.

After your resume is in order, the next step is finding jobs to apply for. Every job I have gotten over the past 3 years has been off of the Conestoga career portal called MyCareer. There are a ton of internal job postings with the college and external postings for jobs throughout the region. MyCareer can be found in your student portal and is an amazing resource because all the jobs are directed towards current students or those who have just graduated.

Other than MyCareer, you can always check-out sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or even just talking with friends and family to see if they have any connections.

Finally, you need to ace that interview. One major thing I believe in is finding a go-to interview outfit that you love. If you feel good and look good you are going to come across as being very confident in yourself, which is exactly what you want. In addition to that, make sure that you practice some answers to common interview questions ahead of time and always make sure you are positive and smiling.

I hope these are a few tips that can help you out a little bit in finding a summer job! Good luck Condors! I know you can do it!