Why a Conestoga Degree?

Brooke – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

I wanted to start off by giving a huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has recently received their acceptances for Conestoga College! You are going to have an amazing time here at Conestoga and I can’t wait to see you around the halls!

In relation to that, today I wanted to talk about degree programs at Conestoga College. Degree programs are something people usually associate with universities and not necessarily the college level, so I figured what better time than acceptance season to talk about the benefits a Conestoga degree has to offer!

Conestoga has many different degree programs in many different fields including business, engineering & information technology, health & life sciences, community services, and of course media & design, which includes my program; Bachelor of Design.

These programs are great because they provide many attributes that you can not necessarily get at the university level. All of our programs are very hands-on, and our curriculums are aligned to ensure that your skills will be transferable to the workforce once you graduate.

Small class sizes are great for individual learning since we don’t have large lecture halls. For example, there are just over 20 students in my year of the BDES program which allows us a lot of time for one-on-ones with the teacher to get real feedback and help with our work! It has also allowed me to get to know my classmates really well to not only make great friends but also amazing future business connections!

Many degree programs offer co-op which is worked into the curriculum. This is a great opportunity to get real-world experience. You get to experience the job before you do it, and I even personally know many students who were re-hired by their co-op employer after graduation. I am currently about to enter co-op and Conestoga makes it very easy by helping us beef up our resumes and find jobs!

If you got accepted to a diploma program remember there are many bridging options available to a degree program!

Overall, I am honestly so happy I chose the degree option at Conestoga College and wouldn’t want to get my education anywhere else. I hope you really do look into Conestoga degree programs because they really will give you a one-of-a-kind education!

Welcome to Conestoga

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

I’d like to give a big warm welcome to everyone that has recently received their acceptance letters!  I know many people have yet to receive theirs, but no worries, the time will come!

For anyone still unsure if they’ve been accepted or not, make sure to hop on over where your applications/acceptance offers are here. I know for myself I was extremely anxious, and was constantly checking my emails… So if anyone’s in that position right now, been there, done that!

I hope everyone keeps in mind that not all acceptance offers are handed out right away, many of them based on how late applications overall were sent in. If anyone has any questions regarding that, make sure to check the Conestoga admissions page. For myself I applied the very last week available, and here I am today! A proud Condor. 

Some things to keep in mind for the weeks to come would be the following:

  • If you have social media that you actively use for updates, try to find this years Accepted Conestoga page and meet some of your fellow classmates/peers to come. There’s no better way to slide into the school year than to meet those that you’re attending with, even if it’s over text.
  • Take your student number, and information in the emails to come, and set up some of your account information as stated. They may not be available for the time being, but don’t lose the information!!
  • Celebrate! You’ve made it, so why not celebrate?