Kaylie’s daily routine

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

This week I’m going to talk a little more about my daily cycle before/after/during school, and really overall what I go through day to day.

Mornings! I myself am your typical I-hate-Mondays type of girl, and the same goes for those excruciating mornings getting up day to day. Typically I find myself dragging myself out of bed (if it isn’t someone else doing it for me). My week is split into 2 days evening classes, 3 days 8am classes. The back to back 8am classes are brutal, and often the days I find myself staying up later to finish homework. A typical 8am day I would find myself getting up at 5:30am, showering, then hustling to catch a 6:30 bus. The bus I take is the second bus of the day, so I typically find myself fighting to get a place on it, and I’m sure a lot of you have been there too. The bus ride is typically a 30-40 min ride, and I normally find myself arriving around 7:20. If I’m not in the timmies early morning, you’ll likely find me sketching near my class to wake myself up, which is really what wakes me up for the day.

Next, we have my time at school, which often takes up most of my day if I’m not working or doing homework. My time spent at school is typically on the second floor C wing (Doon). About 90% of my classes are held in one specific room, so I generally keep close to home there in between my classes, or have lunch in the Venue. During any 2 hour gaps between my classes its Venue time! I enjoy taking out my sketchbook and working on class thumbnails in there, as most of the campus space is typically bustled with people.

Evenings! Are typically filled with the brisk cold air that winter promises. As the days are currently shorter, walking home is veryyy dark. When I’ve reached home I almost always head to homework, or some me time. If it’s me time, I’m normally on discord with friends, playing games, watching shows, or of course drawing. If it isn’t that, it’s homework! Homework for me is typically me just binging on assignments, which I typically do in one go. I’ve found I generally work best putting all my effort into a project without taking breaks between days, so these evenings can be pretty stressful, but overall productive. If I manage to have my work done or get ahead, I typically go out with friends for the evening, and enjoy the night!

For the most part, my life may come off as very bland, but I find myself always looking for something to do to stay busy (otherwise I’ll get bored). So here’s to the next few weeks, working my butt off!

The end is near

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Ahhh, the endless pursuit of assignments in classes are coming to an end! As the term nears its ending, so will the stress. For anyone struggling to study their hearts out for the last week to come, hang in there, it’s almost over. I’d honestly love to tell you all to give yourselves a big pat on the back, after all, you’ve made it this far! I know for myself I’m packing up those final assignments and really pulling it together to finish off well. All the criteria I’ve learned over the semester is being fleshed out, and will overall summarize what I’ve come to learn. As much of what I learned was a refresher, I truly did appreciate taking the time to go back and refine my works, and I’ve grown as both a person and an artist while doing so. Take the time to admit you need improvement is half the battle, and I’d like to think at this point, I’ve won it. Not only have my works never looked so constructed through completion, but I can also see the effort that I placed into it really shine. Those endless nights of tirelessly redoing, redrafting really did help, no doubt about it. For this, I can not only thank Conestoga, but my teachers that helped me pursue my inspiration, and overall accomplishments.

As for a catch up for other news, I’d also like to remind students that the break is near! Huzzah! Keep in mind that after the break bus passes will need to be renewed, so check my first blog/vlog if you’d like a catch up on that situation.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, and the last week to go!

Working the Open House

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

I hope everyone has had a lovely week. I know for myself I spent Saturday at Conestoga’s Open house as a volunteer for my class (Design Foundations), and I really had a blast! The halls were dotted with blue tee’s on students as support, and it was truly amazing just to see everyone’s efforts put forth to meet everyone. I really enjoyed giving out tours to those interested, and it was really nice to learn the backstories of the people interested in coming here as a Condor. It was also nice to see some familiar faces throughout the day, embellishing the school halls with all your warm smiles! One family popped by with interest for their much younger daughter, perking an interest at numerous options for her down the road. This itself was intriguing for me, and I enjoyed explaining the course and locations for them. To anyone interested in other events at Conestoga upcoming, make sure to check social media pages or pages online to stay in tune.

As for the rest of my week I directed my time towards school work (which is of course is still in progress), finishing the last touches on assignments. With the last few weeks rolling in, I plan to push through the assignments.

Until next time everyone,

Financial Aid Advice

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hi everyone, it’s me again!

It’s week 12, hope everyone is holding in there! I know for myself I’ve emphasized how much time is left throughout the courses this term, and of course it’s time to buckle down for the ending of it. It’s getting a teensy bit hectic on my end with coordination and scheduling, but nevertheless I am pursuing towards my end goal of finishing everything to the best of my capability (and of course on time). I’ve had non-stop assignments and Mock portfolios which in themselves are quite intimidating, but I think I did quite well for my first attempt, and that leaves ample room for improvement). But enough about me, onto the important stuff.

I really want to thank the school for its Financial services, I am one of the students that really appreciates the schools support. If any of you were unaware, the school offers Fall and Winter Financial Aid. You can find this information under your Student Portal Financial Aids tab and you can apply for scholarship or bursary financial aid opportunities. I myself applied and received some bursary money for the term, and if you’re on Doon campus you can easily pick up yours via the Welcome Centre (Financial Services office), located by the Registrar’s office. Since the Mail strike you’ll have to pick yours up in person, and that consists of just a little wait time, and a simple procedure. If you haven’t applied or didn’t receive one this term, The Winter 2019 application comes again in December, so no worries! Really take advantage of this opportunity, the application only takes a small amount of time and goes a long way. As for myself I can rest a little easier knowing the school was here to support me, and I can never thank the school enough for that.

As for the rest of the week I’m going to busy myself with more portfolio creations, and prepping for my final interview to help prep me for further courses at Conestoga. I hope everyone has a lovely week and hopes it starts off well!

Until next time everyone.

Credit Transfer

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, with some heartfelt family time, friends, and of course the food. I remember last year it was difficult for me to make time for family and schoolwork, so don’t make the same mistake as me.

For this week’s blog I’m going to focus on credit transferring at Conestoga, as I currently just received the approval of mine. First off,  a credit transfer is literally just the ability to transfer a credit from a course that’s equivalent to one you’re currently taking. For example with myself, I took an English course prior to Conestoga last year at Laurier. Because I’m required to take an English course in my Design Foundations program, I can simply apply online and fill in a credit transfer form. From there I fill in simple information about my prior course and the one I wish to transfer from, attach a syllabus from the other course, and the schools transcript. The wait time of a credit transfer varies, but is generally a quick procedure.

As I said in my vlog, I’m rather disappointed on leaving the course now that the first month is over and I had placed so much commitment, but otherwise I enjoy the extra free time that I have to sleep in or complete assignments. Again, I realize that this vlog is rather useless to everyone currently enrolled, but for those enrolling for winter programs or next year, I do hope that this information is at the very least helpful I remember scrambling online to find this information last minute since I applied to Conestoga during the last week of applications being due, so trust me, I’ve been there.

Overall this week for me has been pretty easy going in comparison to last week’s stress load, so I’m enjoying the relief for that (for now). I’ve learned and tested a few new medias in my course, and I’m excited to put them to use for future projects.

‘Til next time everyone,


Kaylie’s 2nd week & assignments

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hi everyone, I’ve returned with a stupendous breakdown of my second week, and I hope you’re all ears. This week has really been a mashup of assignments, deadlines, time management, and of course, all of you.

For the most part I’ve adjusted to the fast paced nature in my program, which has left me bustling around completing works, rough drafts, and coordinating with classmates. It’s quite a frenzy, but I must say I really do enjoy the rush. It keeps me on my toes, entertained. I’ve found time to work on drafts at work (when the weather’s not stubborn), and really work these assignments into manageable time slots within my day(s). I’m already extremely proud of my linears (what came after the ever-dreaded thumbnails), and I can see just from the few short lessons from week one I’ve improved both my work ethic, and technique.

I’ve spent a few late nights scrambling to ink some works, so all I can say is bring it on, I’m ready for the all-nighters.

I’d also like to mention that many people are extremely alarmed to see myself (and others) dragging a suitcase around in the halls. There’s simply just too much supplies to carry. Apologies on my awkward entrance, I promise that grace is not a strong suit with bulk. As much as I love bumper cars, I assure you it’s not in my best interest to bump into you all.

I’d also really like to push about the many rooms available to book for work/study periods (a link and photo posted earlier last week) on campus. My friends and I have a great amount of use with the large tables and space for our projects, as I’m sure you all will too!

Again, as quick as this week has gone by, I can’t stress enough how much I’ve learned and experienced in such a short timespan. Even the refreshers are something I find captivating in class! I’ve found quite a few nooks and crannies that I’ll be sure to post about in a future post, as some of these spots may come in handy for you all later.

Thanks again everyone, and again, Kaylie out.

Kaylie’s 1st Day at College – Getting a Bus Pass

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Fundamentals

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t seen my first video posted earlier this week, I’d love to take a moment to introduce myself and shed off a bit of my first intake of my first day at Conestoga College.

My name is Kaylie, and I’ll be attending Conestoga as a first year for Design Foundations. Some fun facts about me are that I’m actually an identical twin, and I have a Black belt in Taekwondo! I absolutely adore activities like anime, gaming, drawing and cooking. I spent most of my summer working and watching youtubers, so I’m in dire need of socializing! I can be pretty obnoxious a lot of the time, so feel free to say Hi to me in the hallways if you see me and ask questions — I’m here to learn too, this is an experience for all of us. I graduated from high school with an Arts and Tech major, and I regret not keeping any of my works for portfolio references. This however brings me to the reason I find myself at Conestoga– Design Foundations is a one year program that gives me the ability to build a portfolio, and strengthen my skills as an artist. Previously I took a year at Wilfrid Laurier University studying Honors Arts Sociology, but alas my passion weared thin. I really admire the idea of connection and human behaviour, and that’s something I strive to put forth in my art and writing for the years to come.

Speaking of connection– I can’t thank you all enough for making my first day so memorable. I myself arrived at Conestoga rather early today so I could attain my bus pass, and I’d like to give some advice to anyone that hasn’t received theirs yet.

  1. Bus Pass Location: NOT IN THE ONE CARD AREA!!! I made a rather elusive mistake and went there first. NO. Save yourself the disappointment, the One Card area focuses primarily on adding funds to your One Card, or receiving it. Look for the Service Hub nearby the CSI office. You’ll find it wedged between wing A and wing B.
  2. Give yourself time: The first week of school is going to be pretty hectic for everyone, so keep in mind you not only have to make time for yourself, but keep in mind they’ll be others doing the same. I came into Conestoga around 1pm, and I was met with a 2-3 hour wait time. I was a nervous wreck since I had my first and only class of the day at 3pm. Miraculously I managed to get it… If you’re going to get a bus pass, be prepared to come in early. Mornings will be slower as most people have classes, so if you have evening classes, come in early before classes. Take advantage of your free time in the morning. If you have morning classes, don’t wait until 12-4pm after class to get the pass, most people are very much awake and active then, and you’ll be sure to have a wait time.
  3. Come prepared: Be prepared to show your Verification of Enrollment (VOE) and your One Card. You must have your One Card, as your One Card receives a sticker to show the recognition. I overheard many students bringing their schedules as verification, but what you really need is your VOE, which you can find online on your Student Portal > My Courses > View Enrollment Form. Be prepared to show it via online (phone) or a paper copy. After verifying you have your One Card and VOE you’ll be sent left or right depending on payment method. The process after that is both simple and quick.
  4. Be respectful: Please refrain from taunting or butting other students waiting patiently in line. As lame as it may seem, it takes a lot of energy to stand and be patient. A Lot of students like myself can get anxiety from this, and it really is only fair to wait your turn. Many students took the time to stop and make conversation with their friends or introduce themselves to new people, and that’s great. I was really amazed at how welcoming some of the students were, and I myself beamed a bit when I could direct and help a few others. There’s nothing better than helping other people, so for everyone’s sake, let’s all try to!

I truly do hope this information is helpful, although I can’t guarantee the process will be any quicker. Nevertheless, enjoy yourselves! Try to make the most of it and do what I did- I got to know the people around me, and it surely does pass the time.

As for the rest of my day I spent the majority of it in class doing some icebreaker activities, and learning about my new classmates and upcoming assignments. Like any new student, I took the time to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming projects, and I hope to post some of the progress as I develop sketches and ideas for it! I’m extremely excited to develop my art skills further, and I hope you’re all just as excited to develop or experience anything new in your programs.

Here’s to the first day of classes, and many more to come,

Kaylie Kraemer