How to Prevent Yourself from Being Stressed in College


It’s that time of the year when everything starts to get busy. You have Christmas shopping to do, work shifts to attend, and LOADS of schoolwork. College is not a walk in the park, let me tell you that. Highschool was nothing compared to this… and I definitely didn’t find myself gaining 8342745 pounds from stress eating. But don’t worry, don’t get nervous. I have found a few things that have helped me deal with the stress of college.

Organize yourself –  This means you could buy an agenda, use your online calendar, a white board calendar; or if you don’t want to spend any money there are pre-made calendar’s online that you can print. I chose to use a Conestoga’s own white-board calendar. Which I bought for only $10 at the bookstore (very good investment). If it wasn’t for this calendar I would definitely have missed a couple of important dates, forgot what time my classes were and completely disorganize myself. Using a calendar or a planner of some sort, will help you organize the specific due dates you have, and even important dates you think you might forget about. This way you will always have your dates organized.

stress2Another way to organize yourself is to create a task list. A task list helped me remember what homework was assigned for which class, what readings I needed to complete, and when they needed to be completed by. The way I did this was by using a Microsoft Word “task list” template, and add in my own tasks. Throughout the day while I was in class, and was assigned something I would automatically add it to my task list. The most satisfying feeling is looking at your task list when it has check marks in ALL of the boxes. Creating a task list not only motivates me to complete everything, as well as helps me prioritize what needs to be done first.

Prioritize / Manage your time – Everyone forgets what managing their time means now and then. At least I know sometimes I forget, especially when there is so many things going on at once. This is something that is tricky to master and speaking for myself I haven’t mastered it yet. But, I’ve learned quickly that it’s one of the most important things to grasp during college. A way you can prioritize/manage your time is by giving yourself enough time to complete things, meaning you could start it early and complete it ahead of the due date. Do you really need to watch the new Riverdale on Thursday? Or can you leave that time for completing your readings? I think going to your friend’s house on Friday can wait until Saturday since you have an essay due at 12am? Am I right? Yes. These are just a few things that can get in the way with completing your work. But, if you’re able to manage your time, and prioritize what to do first, then you won’t feel stressed to complete an essay due in an hour because you’ve already completed it. Procrastination doesn’t arise when you’re able to successfully manage your time and prioritize your work – which lowers your stress levels.

A Week Full of “Firsts”
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

Nevertheless, you’re going to experience a bit of stress throughout college, which you might not have experienced throughout high-school. However, there are ways to get through it and there are ways to prevent it. It’s not easy but motivate yourself to want to organize your life, plan out assignments, hand things in early and prioritize your time. Life will be a lot easier that way.

A Week Full of “Firsts” – Jasmine

A Week Full of “Firsts”
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

This past week for me has been full of stress, anxiety and a lot of running around. I experienced a lot of firsts this week; my very first assignment was due, a formal test and an essay assignment.  I’ve finally surpassed a milestone in my college career and boy was it ever tough. I officially was able to learn what time management skills were and let me tell you that is something I definitely need to get better at.

My first assignment was given to me about last week, it was to re-design a Department of Finance Canada document to make it more appealing to a potential client. This was definitely one of the most interesting and rather fun assignments I’ve ever had to do. It took me five tries, five hours and five days to complete which is a relatively long time. I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to assignments so I knew going into it that it would probably take me twice as long as the average student to finish. If you are someone like me that leaves things to the last minute because you’re lazy, or suffer from procrastination then you have got to get out of that habit in order to succeed in college. And recognizing that early is what will help you.

Last week in my business management course, we were told that we would be having our first test the following week, and we only had one class to review some of the material. As I sat in the class during review time, reading the list of content to study I came to the conclusion that it is basically every single chapter we have read. This caused me a lot of stress because in high school things were more direct, I knew exactly what to study and what the layout of the test would be. I tried my best to study every night but I felt a bit overwhelmed with everything being due roughly around the same time. We were all required to download a software that locks your computers during a test. Which is actually pretty cool because I’ve never wrote a test on a computer before. Hopefully I did well considering the test was worth %15 of my whole grade.

Lastly, my first essay… I never liked writing essays back in high school and I can tell you now it definitely won’t be my favourite part of college lol. The essay’s in college are really complicated and more work than what it was like in high school. I have started my introduction so far and I’m already stumped on what else to write. Luckily, we have many resources that can help with writing an essay, we have a peer editing class next week which is pretty cool considering in high school – at least mine – the teachers never gave us that class time. But, wish me luck because this is also worth a significant amount of mark.

A piece of advice to those going into post-secondary… read all of the chapters assigned to you, take notes in class and take notes during your readings, it will help you a lot when it comes time to study for a test or an exam. Also, if you need help or are experiencing lots of stress talk to your teachers they are great outlets and will help you a lot along the way. Make sure you take every assignment, test or presentation seriously and try your best because it’s not like high school good marks don’t come easily, you have to work hard for it. As well as a majority of things due are worth a large portion of your mark so they matter a lot.

Good luck to everyone in school and I will let you know further about some of the more exciting things I have experienced at Conestoga on my next blog… C ya 😊

My First Week at Conestoga

Conestoga College - Jasmine Marinelli
Jasmine – 1st year Public Relations student at Conestoga College

Hey guys If you’re reading this my name is Jasmine, and I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Public Relations degree program at Conestoga. I started at Conestoga in the beginning of September and boy was it ever one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do. Just like leaving a team to join another or switching jobs it’s hard to transition into something new in your life. I’ve been to Conestoga multiple times for open houses, orientation, soccer practices and games but not until now have I actually step foot in it as a student. High school and college are completely different and that’s what I’m slowly starting to figure out now.

My first day of college was definitely scary. Prior to my first day I briefly checked out where my parking lot was, however on my first day all of that knowledge was lost. I found myself looking through all the parking lots trying to find where the blue lot is. And let me tell you, driving in Conestoga’s parking lots are tricky, there are so many people walking, traffic lines and absolutely no spots relatively close to where your classes are – unless you get lucky. It took me approximately 20 minutes to find my classroom and then I quickly realized that I was in the wrong class when I wasn’t on the attendance list. This was pretty embarrassing but a great learning lesson to always double check where and when your classes are haha. Other than that, I had an amazing day and I met a lot of great people as well as I got to know my teachers, courses and the school a bit better.

Athletics have been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl.  They de-stress me and keep me slightly sane, which I figured I’d need in my life throughout college. I really thought it was necessary to get involved in the school as best as I could. Which led me to decide to attend a couple of soccer tryouts throughout the first week for the varsity team. Fortunately, I made the team and that’s when my official college experience had begun. Soccer is a huge commitment just as much as schoolwork and time management is something that I’m going to have to work on in order to be able to effectively prioritize.

I’m proud to say that I’m starting off my public relations future on the right note. Making videos of my first week, experiences I have had in the college and the life of being a soccer player has increased my knowledge of what it is like to be a vlogger. Being a social media ambassador has me always watching out for the next new trends around campus and what interesting booths and activities are going on. I’m very excited to continue this opportunity and couldn’t be happier with the way my first few weeks of school have gone.

Some tips for future students are:

  1. If you are lazy like me make sure you come to school 20-30 minutes before your first class so you can actually find a parking spot close to your class.
  2. Find your classrooms prior to your actual class so you’re not late or sitting in the wrong class for part of your day.
  3. Join anything and everything – as long as you can successfully prioritize properly and keep on track with school… college is fun!!!!
  4. Make friends and get to know the people in your classes as well as the teachers, networking is great and can be something you rely on in the future.