Get involved, you won’t regret it

Jasmine – 2nd Year Bachelor of Public Relations

I can honestly say that the best thing I have ever done while attending college was to get involved. Last year I decided to be adventurous and join a school club. At the time I had my heart set on being a part of the college, and wished nothing more than to be involved. I found myself constantly circling back to Conestoga Students Inc’s home page, but was too nervous to apply for anything. I was worried I would be too busy or wouldn’t be good in any of the clubs. Thankfully after extensive research, and a courageous instinct, I applied to be a part of the Leadership Ambassador program and go on the Global Service Leadership trip. I say thankfully because, I didn’t know where they would take me, how much fun I would have, and the impact I’d make.

Fast-forward four months… and I am signing up to be in the 2nd semester’s Leadership Ambassador Program. Now I am taking Spanish lessons, buying water purifying water bottles, and getting travel shots. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in just a few months…

Leadership Ambassador Program

The Leadership Ambassador Program was an amazing experience that I loved being a part of. It consisted of attending four meetings, and volunteering for events that related to the community at Conestoga College. Each volunteering opportunity I was a part of changed my vision of society, the world and people in general. I loved attending the meetings because every meeting was a test, a learning opportunity and a chance to grow. I learned so many things about myself, and about other leaders around me. The program taught me the true meaning of teamwork, collaboration, leadership and communication, and how important those characteristics are for your success.

Global Service Leadership Trip

Now the GSL trip is a whole other story. This experience has been one that I will never forget, and might even want to experience next year. The most exciting part of this trip is being able to go to a Costa Rica and volunteer my time to help with a construction and renovation project. However, since I haven’t got to that point yet, I have been able to make a lot of new friends, plan fundraising events, attend multiple meetings, two really fun team building nights and a few leadership workshops. At this point we are just preparing for our trip in February and getting to learn more about travel safety, Costa Rican culture, and finally a few Spanish lessons! Leading up to the trip and being part of a team, going to meetings and attending all of those great things have helped build my character, destress myself from school, learn leadership skills and teamwork skills. The best thing about the trip is knowing that you are a part of something greater than yourself, and you are helping others by volunteering your time.

The moral of my story is to get involved as much as you can. If you’re scared to join a club or a team, just know you’re not the only one in that room that’s feeling that way. You can do it, and you won’t regret one bit of it.

A guide to setting goals for the future

Jasmine Marinelli – 2nd Year Bachelor of Public Relations

At this moment in time I think that it is super important to create goals for yourself. They help you believe in yourself, prioritize, plan for your life, and aim for things you never thought were possible. After I found out what my passion was in life, I decided to set certain goals for myself. I set a short-term goal, a medium-term goal, and a long-term goal to meet, which has planned out my career and future.

Short-Term Goal Setting

A short-term goal is one that you would set for the near future. This could mean something you want to accomplish in the next couple of weeks, or months, even this year. Essentially it is a goal that you can achieve in less than 12 months.

For example, I have created a short-term goal for myself that focuses on building my experience in public relations, expanding my network and obtaining a 3.5 GPA average. These are all goals that I am confident I can achieve in the next couple of months. What the most important thing to focus on is prioritizing what the most vital goal is to you right now, and working on just one at a time.

Medium-Term Goal Setting

A medium-term goal is one that you would set to achieve in a year to five years. This could be a goal that is less specific than your short-term one, but plans for your success in the future. Having a medium-term goal allows you to analyze your steps, and keep your short-term goal up-to-date.

For example, my medium-term goal is to see myself landing an amazing co-op job in the next couple of years, and being re-hired by that specific organization. This goal is one that is a little less structured because there may be some time-based factors I can’t control. However, it still aligns with my long-term goal, and is one that I believe is very achievable.

Long-Term Goal Setting

This type of goal is one that you would consider to be your final goal. It is a goal that centres around your others, and are built upon your short-term and medium-term goals. You will be spending multiple years envisioning what this may look like. Long-term goals should be made to be achieved in 5+ years.

For example, my long-term goal focuses on my career goal for myself in five to ten years. I want to make sure at this time I am in a position I where I am happy, and loving my life. I have a specific goal of wanting to work for a national sports team, and continuing to be successful at this time in my career.

Goals should be made when you recognize your passion in life, and know what you are aiming for in the future. Setting goals give you a vision for yourself, and help you create the “big picture”, and what you want to do with your life. Setting goals, and achieving them is the best feeling in the world. I highly suggest everyone to set their own goals to raise self-confidence, and recognize their own ability to succeed.