Motivation in Term 2

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hey everyone, welcome back to Term 2!

As per usual, the buzz of everyday activities continue, as do our routines. For myself I find I’ve already gotten back into the feeling of things, and I’m doing what I can to make it all work out. Homework, already on the list of things to finish, and thankfully I’ve already accomplished. Besides that, I’ve found I really enjoy keeping myself busy with daily tasks again at school, as I lost the drive for motivation via the break. It’s really nice to have something to look forward to, and I’ve found my classes really fulfill that urge for me.

I can confidently say that Conestoga has gone beyond my expectations for its staff, and overall courses that it supplies for its students. When I came back from the break I emailed my teachers on concerns with my surgery and mobility, as well as other concerns I had yet to discuss from prior events… And they were there for me. There’s the saying “ Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges,” and you know what? That statement is absolutely correct. Not only have they been there for me, but they’ve given me something to strive for in both my work, and determination. I came into this course hoping to improve my works, my art style, and overall sense of direction. And it’s there. I’m building as a person, just as I hope the rest of you are. Challenging yourselves. I remember a few years back I achieved a black belt in Tae kwon do, and man did that feel good. That dedication to myself is something I’ve always wanted in my career path, and I really can say I’m finding it here.

Until next time everyone,

Welcome back everyone!

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

For everyone new for this semester, I’d like to give a warm welcome from my fellow Condors, and hope you all had a lovely break! The break was well deserved for all of you, and I hope you took good measure with it to be prepared for this term.

As for myself this break, I definitely didn’t put enough time forward for my portfolio work, but I can of course make time for it with the months to come. Today’s blog will be more of a catch up on previous blogs, to help others get into the roll of things, and overall just help with any new adjustments.

First off, bus passes. We all know what’s about to come… That’s right, lines. The bus pass line is infamous for how far it stretches across campus, so he’s a little bit of advice for anyone stuck in that line.

  1. Location: NOT IN THE ONE CARD AREA!!! I made a rather elusive mistake and went there first. NO. Save yourself the disappointment, the One Card area focuses primarily on adding funds to your One Card, or receiving it. Look for the Service Hub nearby the CSI office. You’ll find it wedged between wing A and wing B (This is for Doon campus only, the whereabouts on other Conestoga campus I apologize for being unsure of).
  2. Give yourself time: The first week of school is going to be pretty hectic for everyone, so keep in mind you not only have to make time for yourself, but keep in mind they’ll be others doing the same. I came into Conestoga around 1pm, and I was met with a 2-3 hour wait time. Let me tell you, that line stretched all the way down A wing. I was a nervous wreck since I had my first and only class of the day at 3pm. Miraculously I managed to get it… But not as many were as lucky. If you’re going to get a bus pass, be prepared to come in early, or slower times. Mornings will be slower if most people have classes, so if you have evening classes, come in early before classes. Take advantage of your free time in the morning. If you have morning classes, don’t wait until 12-4pm after class to get the pass, most people are very much awake and active then, and you’ll be sure to have a wait time.
  3. Come prepared: Be prepared to show your Verification of Enrollment (VOE) and your One Card. You must have your One Card, as your One Card receives a sticker to show the recognition. I overheard many students bringing their schedules as verification, but what you really need is your VOE, which you can find online on your Student Portal > My Courses > View Enrollment Form. Be prepared to show it via online (phone) or a paper copy. After verifying you have your One Card and VOE you’ll be sent left or right depending on payment method. The process after that is both simple and quick.
  4. Be respectful: Please refrain from taunting or butting other students waiting patiently in line. As lame as it may seem, it takes a lot of energy to stand and be patient. A Lot of students like myself can get anxiety from this, and it really is only fair to wait your turn. Many students took the time to stop and make conversation with their friends or introduce themselves to new people, and that’s great. I was really amazed at how welcoming some of the students were, and I myself beamed a bit when I could direct and help a few others. There’s nothing better than helping other people, so for everyone’s sake, let’s all try to!

Next off, I’d like to refresh everyone of the idea of bursaries offered at Conestoga! There’s no harm in free money, so why not take advantage of it for your tuition. Simply head on over to Student Portal on Conestoga’s website, and hit My Award Applications. You’ll be given a simple form to fill out, and a short essay. I filled out the Fall one last term, and it was extremely helpful for the term, so I really want to push for anyone that really needs the extra help, to take it.

I hope everyone has a great first day/day back, and can’t wait to see you all! Cheers!

Working the Open House

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

I hope everyone has had a lovely week. I know for myself I spent Saturday at Conestoga’s Open house as a volunteer for my class (Design Foundations), and I really had a blast! The halls were dotted with blue tee’s on students as support, and it was truly amazing just to see everyone’s efforts put forth to meet everyone. I really enjoyed giving out tours to those interested, and it was really nice to learn the backstories of the people interested in coming here as a Condor. It was also nice to see some familiar faces throughout the day, embellishing the school halls with all your warm smiles! One family popped by with interest for their much younger daughter, perking an interest at numerous options for her down the road. This itself was intriguing for me, and I enjoyed explaining the course and locations for them. To anyone interested in other events at Conestoga upcoming, make sure to check social media pages or pages online to stay in tune.

As for the rest of my week I directed my time towards school work (which is of course is still in progress), finishing the last touches on assignments. With the last few weeks rolling in, I plan to push through the assignments.

Until next time everyone,

Financial Aid Advice

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hi everyone, it’s me again!

It’s week 12, hope everyone is holding in there! I know for myself I’ve emphasized how much time is left throughout the courses this term, and of course it’s time to buckle down for the ending of it. It’s getting a teensy bit hectic on my end with coordination and scheduling, but nevertheless I am pursuing towards my end goal of finishing everything to the best of my capability (and of course on time). I’ve had non-stop assignments and Mock portfolios which in themselves are quite intimidating, but I think I did quite well for my first attempt, and that leaves ample room for improvement). But enough about me, onto the important stuff.

I really want to thank the school for its Financial services, I am one of the students that really appreciates the schools support. If any of you were unaware, the school offers Fall and Winter Financial Aid. You can find this information under your Student Portal Financial Aids tab and you can apply for scholarship or bursary financial aid opportunities. I myself applied and received some bursary money for the term, and if you’re on Doon campus you can easily pick up yours via the Welcome Centre (Financial Services office), located by the Registrar’s office. Since the Mail strike you’ll have to pick yours up in person, and that consists of just a little wait time, and a simple procedure. If you haven’t applied or didn’t receive one this term, The Winter 2019 application comes again in December, so no worries! Really take advantage of this opportunity, the application only takes a small amount of time and goes a long way. As for myself I can rest a little easier knowing the school was here to support me, and I can never thank the school enough for that.

As for the rest of the week I’m going to busy myself with more portfolio creations, and prepping for my final interview to help prep me for further courses at Conestoga. I hope everyone has a lovely week and hopes it starts off well!

Until next time everyone.

Wonderland and enjoying Student Success Week

Ahhh, welcome back everyone, that is from a well-deserved week off!

I’m hoping everyone had a blast during the week off, but also took the chance to catch up or get ahead on any assignments. I know for myself I took advantage of the time for my work, but to also get out there and try a few new things. I’ve found over the years I’ve consistently held myself back from dreams and experiences, rather living in fear with some mundane life. I managed to get outside of my comfort zone and experience a whole new level of fun.

My friends and I took the weekend off to do voyage at Strom’s (a great little farm, maze and pumpkin patch), some sightseeing in the Toronto area, Wonderland, and of course the Halloween Haunt! To top it all off I spent the last day watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show which again, was something I had yet to experience. It’s both amazing and truly a blessing to be around such amazing people and experience it all. Besides that, I spent a good 6 hours on the floor doing some Cubic forms, photography, and pretty much any other related thing I could think of. It’s safe to say my sketchbook is now a mini scrapbook, filled with so many memories and tiring efforts.

I’m really hoping you guys all had a splendid time as well. I know Halloween is just around the corner, so I hope you all have a blast celebrating this festivity (I guarantee you I will). I know it’s going to be hard to get back into the flow of things, but push through it everyone! After All, we’re almost halfway there.

‘Til next time everyone,


Reading week, anxiety and stress

Today’s blog is going to be a little more serious, as it was something I experienced earlier this week, and find extremely important to talk about. I’d like to take the time to talk about counselling services offered on campus, and a little bit about anxiety.

I know everyone’s starting to crack down on school work grades, etcetera, but the toll can pile up. I witnessed a friend of mine go through a severe panic attack on campus (completely unrelated to school stress), and I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to people.The experience itself was traumatic on its own just to watch, and the consequences of keeping all the stress and emotions finally piled up inside her and let loose. Without hesitation my friends and I immediately ran over to be of help, and later contacted multiple school services to help calm her down. I have no experience myself on dealing with panic attacks… In the past I’ve dealt with my own anxiety attacks rather poorly, but never contacted people for help.

That on its own was my first mistake. She is doing much better now, but at the same time I still can’t shake off how much that experience has affected me. In the past I had no idea how much my anxiety affected other people, purely because I wasn’t the one watching. This experience has helped me realize how hard it is for both parties– one to experience, and one to watch, and how important it is to talk to people. Communication is key for everything, and as I stated in my vlog, it’s something I regret not taking advantage of. Conestoga College offers multiple services to help everyone, no matter how big or small the problem. I’ve found through friends venting is a small way to relieve myself of stress, and that’s something I didn’t really have prior. I myself am terrified of talking to strangers, but the feeling of expressing my emotions is a far better reward than bundling everything inside of me. Take advantage of these resources guys, these people are here to help you.

On a far less serious note, I’d like to add that my reading week is currently a blast. I’ve spent the first little bit going out with friends, and experiencing new things. My homework starts today though, so it’s time for me to buckle down. Until next time everyone.