Wonderland and enjoying Student Success Week

Ahhh, welcome back everyone, that is from a well-deserved week off!

I’m hoping everyone had a blast during the week off, but also took the chance to catch up or get ahead on any assignments. I know for myself I took advantage of the time for my work, but to also get out there and try a few new things. I’ve found over the years I’ve consistently held myself back from dreams and experiences, rather living in fear with some mundane life. I managed to get outside of my comfort zone and experience a whole new level of fun.

My friends and I took the weekend off to do voyage at Strom’s (a great little farm, maze and pumpkin patch), some sightseeing in the Toronto area, Wonderland, and of course the Halloween Haunt! To top it all off I spent the last day watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show which again, was something I had yet to experience. It’s both amazing and truly a blessing to be around such amazing people and experience it all. Besides that, I spent a good 6 hours on the floor doing some Cubic forms, photography, and pretty much any other related thing I could think of. It’s safe to say my sketchbook is now a mini scrapbook, filled with so many memories and tiring efforts.

I’m really hoping you guys all had a splendid time as well. I know Halloween is just around the corner, so I hope you all have a blast celebrating this festivity (I guarantee you I will). I know it’s going to be hard to get back into the flow of things, but push through it everyone! After All, we’re almost halfway there.

‘Til next time everyone,


Reading week, anxiety and stress

Today’s blog is going to be a little more serious, as it was something I experienced earlier this week, and find extremely important to talk about. I’d like to take the time to talk about counselling services offered on campus, and a little bit about anxiety.

I know everyone’s starting to crack down on school work grades, etcetera, but the toll can pile up. I witnessed a friend of mine go through a severe panic attack on campus (completely unrelated to school stress), and I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to people.The experience itself was traumatic on its own just to watch, and the consequences of keeping all the stress and emotions finally piled up inside her and let loose. Without hesitation my friends and I immediately ran over to be of help, and later contacted multiple school services to help calm her down. I have no experience myself on dealing with panic attacks… In the past I’ve dealt with my own anxiety attacks rather poorly, but never contacted people for help.

That on its own was my first mistake. She is doing much better now, but at the same time I still can’t shake off how much that experience has affected me. In the past I had no idea how much my anxiety affected other people, purely because I wasn’t the one watching. This experience has helped me realize how hard it is for both parties– one to experience, and one to watch, and how important it is to talk to people. Communication is key for everything, and as I stated in my vlog, it’s something I regret not taking advantage of. Conestoga College offers multiple services to help everyone, no matter how big or small the problem. I’ve found through friends venting is a small way to relieve myself of stress, and that’s something I didn’t really have prior. I myself am terrified of talking to strangers, but the feeling of expressing my emotions is a far better reward than bundling everything inside of me. Take advantage of these resources guys, these people are here to help you.

On a far less serious note, I’d like to add that my reading week is currently a blast. I’ve spent the first little bit going out with friends, and experiencing new things. My homework starts today though, so it’s time for me to buckle down. Until next time everyone.

Getting the most out of Reading Week

Kaylie Kraemer – 1st Year Design Foundations

Honestly this week went by really quickly for me with all the upcoming assignments and deadlines, so I haven’t had much free time… Again, stressful, but I’m really pushing my school work for portfolios. But enough about me, let’s move onto you guys!

Reading week is just around the corner, and I hope you guys are ready for that blissful short getaway from classes. Don’t be fooled by this opportunity though, there is more than enough time to spend on studying and getting ahead, besides voyaging off elsewhere. As much as relaxation is important, here’s a few good tips on spending your reading week:

  1. Take the opportunity to get ahead. Whether its working on assignments, reading, whatever it is, take the time to look into your work. Take breaks from this and relaxing, maybe every other day if need be. Just remember to NOT forget it!
  2. Relax! In my other point I know I stress the purpose of reading week, but also don’t be afraid to relax! I know it sounds contradicting, but this is likely the most free time you’ll have for a while… Use it wisely.
  3. Spend time with friends and family. Again, we just had Thanksgiving, so I’m sure everyone is still all warm and fuzzy from reuniting with family and friends. Overall enjoy this time together, and maybe even work together on assignments and studying if you share the same courses. Group studying is just as important as individual studying, just don’t get distracted.
  4. HAVE FUN!!!

This blog post will be shorter than most as  even now I have limited time, but I wish everyone a fantastic reading week for when it comes, and hope all is going well for everyone! I know I myself am excited for mock portfolios in my course, and will be using my reading week to both relax and work. 

Credit Transfer

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, with some heartfelt family time, friends, and of course the food. I remember last year it was difficult for me to make time for family and schoolwork, so don’t make the same mistake as me.

For this week’s blog I’m going to focus on credit transferring at Conestoga, as I currently just received the approval of mine. First off,  a credit transfer is literally just the ability to transfer a credit from a course that’s equivalent to one you’re currently taking. For example with myself, I took an English course prior to Conestoga last year at Laurier. Because I’m required to take an English course in my Design Foundations program, I can simply apply online and fill in a credit transfer form. From there I fill in simple information about my prior course and the one I wish to transfer from, attach a syllabus from the other course, and the schools transcript. The wait time of a credit transfer varies, but is generally a quick procedure.

As I said in my vlog, I’m rather disappointed on leaving the course now that the first month is over and I had placed so much commitment, but otherwise I enjoy the extra free time that I have to sleep in or complete assignments. Again, I realize that this vlog is rather useless to everyone currently enrolled, but for those enrolling for winter programs or next year, I do hope that this information is at the very least helpful I remember scrambling online to find this information last minute since I applied to Conestoga during the last week of applications being due, so trust me, I’ve been there.

Overall this week for me has been pretty easy going in comparison to last week’s stress load, so I’m enjoying the relief for that (for now). I’ve learned and tested a few new medias in my course, and I’m excited to put them to use for future projects.

‘Til next time everyone,


One month gone already!

Time sure flies by, huh? Again, the first month has gone by in a flash, and here we are starting month two in October. I must say, October is my absolute favourite month, so I can’t complain. October is all about Halloween and Fall, this truly being my favourite season (and holiday) to celebrate. Can you guys feel the chill in the air? These brisk mornings are only going to get colder, so enjoy the colour and sunshine now before it slowly fades away to grey.

Continuing from my last post, I’m finally getting over the cold I’ve had for the last week, and that’s more than enough to please me for the week. Something I’ve learned to appreciate throughout the weeks now to distract myself from being tired (or feeling sick), is running around campus for daily events. I really want to preach for involvement this week, as it’s something crucial in College (or literally anywhere). Last year I spent a year at Uni, and I failed to get engaged on campus. That being something I regretted, I took this role, and am continually trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone daily. It’s little steps that make the big difference, and I’m all for that. This year specifically I’ll be partaking in Inktober (A drawing a day per day Via. October), and that’s a challenge I’m excited for. The account will be @kkinktober, so swing on by to see some spooky doodles.

On a more serious note guys, I really can’t emphasize enough how helpful these events are on campus. Not only are they informing, but there’s so much fun to find just walking by the vendors. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge partaking in these events (not to mention a sweet tooth with the foods), and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Not only that, but I’ve met a few people at them, and that’s always a plus. With Halloween rounding the corner be sure to check out what events are happening, I can guarantee there’s some surprises still to come.

‘Til next time,


Gaming and places to destress

Kaylie – 1st Year Design Foundations

Hi again everyone, welcome back!

I honestly can’t say enough how thrilled I am to almost have the first month over! All I can say is, what a rush. A big pat on the back for everyone that’s made it so far, here’s to you (I’d make a grandiose glass-clinking gesture, but overall, cheers!).  For myself the last week has been very, very stressful, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with the daily tasks in my courses. Design Foundations has a very heavy course load and as tiring as it is to consistently be sketching, drafting, and inking up late, I really appreciate it. Nothing motivates me more than a challenge, so adapting is a specialty I’m willing to learn and hopefully master this year.

As ironic as this might sound, I can’t stress enough how important it is to destress yourself time from time again. Again, this week has taken quite a bit from me with all the late night sketches, and I’ve gotten to the point of getting rundown and sick. This is however, a result on my poor choice of planning with time management, as I’m trying to balance work, sleep, and school coherently. Not so easy! My course however does have its perks with the large gaps every few days between classes. These time gaps are essential to me for catch-ups with homework, lunch, and I’ll say it again, destressing. As ridiculous as this may sound, I literally can’t get enough of my destressing time on campus, and I’ve already found a few little key places that help me relax. As promised, I said I’d fill you guys in on my favourite places on campus. They just so happen to also be the least stressful ones (for me)!

    1. The Den. Again, not sure where the whereabouts would be located on campuses besides Doon, but this little hideaway is a blessing in disguise. You can find this sweet relief of a hideout in A wing, floor 3. The Den is located just above The Venue (more on that later), and is easily accessible with the elevators. I truly do enjoy coming here with my squad of classmates and friends, it’s really helped build some bonds with them and take the stress off our shoulders. The Den offers a wide variety of game consoles such as Xbox360, Wii, WiiU, PS4 etc. and can easily be rented out with the use of your Onecard and signing a consent form. I highly suggest this place if your idea of relaxation is distracting yourself.
  • The Venue. Aha, I’m sure you guys have seen my frequent little blurbs and posts of this place, and all for good reason! The food here is fantastic, and the atmosphere is very aesthetic. I generally come here during my longer gaps between classes and enjoy the space to work on my assignments while waiting for my meal. The place also offers occasional live music from students on campus, and I had the pleasure of watching one earlier this week. If you don’t mind the busy blurb of people chattering in the background, this is a place for you.
  1. The Rec Centre. Maybe not your stereotypical place for relaxation, but hey, everyone has their ideal of taking the stress away. I really like coming here to burn off any frustrations, it really allows my mind to wander and drift off with the help of music and the hum of the Rec machines. I can’t really do my homework or assignments here, but I can certainly push out the thought of them momentarily. Plus the perk of an active lifestyle!
  2. Outside of E wing (floor 1). I don’t know if you guys have walked out of E wing towards the Rec centre, but man, walking out of there is something else. To the left of you when exiting I find myself blissfully staring at a chain link wall, devoured by ivy. I find it absolutely beautiful, and commonly sit behind the ramp drawing/sketching there with the breeze softly swaying all the leaves. I find it very soothing and inspiring for my work, and actually had quite a few photos taken there. If you like an open, airy area with an abundant supply of sunshine (or y’know, whatever weather is offered in more unfortunate situations), I would suggest this place for you.
  3. The Pond (outside of caf). Ha, I’m sure the most common area most people would ideally go to are places like the Learning commons, or work rooms (which in no way are bad areas to calm down, but not my cup of tea). I personally enjoy open areas so I don’t feel boxed in, and this lovely asset to Conestoga is quite magical. My favourite time to be here is early morning (around 9-10am if you have early classes), where it’s still a bit chilly but warm enough with the sun just risen. I often sit out here during 10-15 minute breaks with my classmates, and it’s such a reliever to have such an open area to simply sit back and admire. I personally hope to get a lot of outdoor inspiration here on later dates before Winter breaks through, so fingers crossed that’s still a possibility.

So that’s it guys, these are my favourite places to destress, and I hope that in any way they may be useful for you all too. Again, best wishes to everyone with the first month almost completed, keep pushing!

‘Til next time,