Why You, a College Student, Should Use LinkedIn

CSI Shirt PhotoLinkedIn is the most professional of all social media sites. Our professors and teachers tell us all the time – “make sure you have a LinkedIn account!” without really telling us why. Students start to question – “Do I really need a LinkedIn account?” the answer is YES! Here are 3 reasons why you definitely need to start using your LinkedIn account more or create one right away:

  1. Branding yourself – Social Media is all about branding yourself and creating an image. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to do this professionally. You can import your resume, skills, qualifications, education, upload photos and even customize your profile’s background. All of this will help when creating the image you want to portray of yourself. LinkedIn can be seen as a “show room” for what you are good at and what you want to be known for.
  2. Networking – Networking is a huge aspect of LinkedIn. This is great for introverted people as you do not have to actually go to in person networking events – instead you can use your contacts to your advantage and network through LinkedIn! A great tip to potentially finding someone to network with is to go through your contact’s contacts and see if they are connected to anyone who is working in your desired field. Ask your connection to reach out to them and to introduce you to them. This can lead to potential job offers.
  3. Hiring managers use LinkedIn – A study showed that 94% of job recruiters say they use LinkedIn to find candidates, but only 36% of job seekers use LinkedIn. Ensure you are a part of the 36% to get your name seen more – it could lead to a job offer.

Let us know in the comments – do you have a LinkedIn account and use it regularly or do you prefer to stick to the old fashioned way of finding a job? Check out my LinkedIn profile