Tis the season… well midterms season that is.

Brooke Rogers – 3rd Year Bachelor of Design

Trust me i’m not excited either. Midterms can be very stressful and for some of you this is your first time taking a major college test. Well i’m here today to tell you that midterms will never be a fun experience. This being said, I have been through midterm season quite a few times and have some great ideas and methods you can use to make them go a lot smoother.

My first, and most important tip is to start studying early. This may seem like common sense but time goes by fast and that test date will creep up on you. I usually start gathering my notes together on the Thanksgiving long weekend and come up with a solid plan of how I can allot time to study for all my classes. Studying over a longer period of time will not only help you sleep a bit more during midterms week but will also help you retain the information better.

Next you need to find somewhere you can actually concentrate. My personal favourite spot is the quiet area in the library at Doon campus during the week, and on weekends I take over a study room at the Waterloo campus! Depending on how you like to study, the library has different levels of quiet that are enforced in different areas. These range from group study areas, to dead silence, so you should be able to find a spot that is comfortable.

When studying, remember it is also important to take breaks. This can be anything from walking your dog to making lunch. Just be sure to control your breaks because if you don’t it’s very easy for a 15 min break to turn into a few hours.

Another tip that has always worked for me is to wake up early. My brain is always a lot fresher in the morning and you will feel very successful if you are out there studying before everyone else is even awake. This also gets all your work out of the way early so you have the whole afternoon to yourself!

These are of course just a few tips I have to help you be successful in your midterms this season. Everyone has different ways to study so it is really important to experiment and find what works best for you. If you are really struggling in a class though, remember it is never too late to talk to Student Success and get tutoring help. Additionally, never be afraid to email your teachers questions! They are always more than happy to help!

Good luck and happy studying!